Charles Nixon + Caroline Elizabeth Thrower

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Parents Grandparents
Charles Nixon ‎(I11050)‎
Birth December 1840 31 22 Earl Shilton, Leicestershire, England
Death 15 March 1910 ‎(Age 69)‎ Liverpool, England
Joseph NIXON ‎(I916)‎
Birth about 1809 23 22 Hinckley, Leicestershire, England, UK
Death 2 May 1891 ‎(Age 82)‎ Earl Shilton, Leicestershire, England
Catherine COOPER ‎(I917)‎
Birth 1818 36 37 Earl Shilton, Leicestershire, England
Death 1 May 1858 ‎(Age 40)‎ Earl Shilton, Leicestershire, England, UK

Caroline Elizabeth Thrower ‎(I12796)‎
Birth September 1847 Peckham, London, Surrey, England
Death December 1930 ‎(Age 83)‎ Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Family Group Information   (F2404)
Marriage 5 December 1877 St Giles, Camberwell, England

Show Details Source: London, England, Marriages and Banns, 1754-1921
Publication: Online publication - Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2009.Original data - Church of England Parish Registers, 1754-1921. London Metropolitan Archives and Guildhall Library Manuscripts, London.Images produced by permission of the City of London
  Text: Birth date: abt 1877 Birth place: Marriage date: 5 Dec 1877 Marriage place: Southwark, Middlesex, England Residence date: Residence place: England

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Show Details Source: UK, British Army and Navy Birth, Marriage and Death Records, 1730-1960
Publication: Operations, Inc.
Citation Details:  The National Archives of the UK; Kew, Surrey, England; War Office: Royal Artillery Records of Service and Papers; Class: WO 69; Piece: Piece 556; Piece Description: Piece 556 ‎(1858 - 1879)‎
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Witnesses: James Thrower & Emily Thrower

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