ZCH – SAP Untangled Guide (March 2016)

SAP UntangledThe Zero Carbon Hub (ZCH) published “SAP Untangled” on 8 March 2016. It is an introductory guide to the Government’s Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) for estimating the energy and carbon performance of new dwellings.

The SAP calculation is based on the energy balance of the dwelling over the course of a year, taking into account a range of factors that contribute to energy efficiency.

The Guide provides an overview of the SAP assessment process and pointers on how to choose a SAP assessor. It goes on to describe how different choices could affect the final energy rating of the property, and gives helpful advice on navigating certain pitfalls. For example, the authors note that “changes in [window] frame type, during construction, can cause compliance issues. For example, changing from uPVC to aluminium or composite windows, will alter the U-value and frame factor.”

Developers and their design teams are urged to “always check with the SAP assessor before changing the specification between Design Stage and As Built Stage, especially when substituting products.”

The Guide is part of series of ZCH good practice guides published in the last 6 months.

Zero Carbon Hub, SAP Untangled