Where can I find views and analysis on how to increase the uptake of home energy efficiency meausres (August 2016)

Bright BBright Blue, an independent think tank and pressure group for liberal conservatism, published a report “Better Homes – Incentivising Home Energy Improvements” on 31 August 2016.

The authors set out why homes in the UK need to consume less and greener energy so that important targets for reducing carbon emissions are achieved. The report considers how the Government sought to incentivise home energy improvements by creating the Green Deal in 2013, but with the closure of that scheme, finds there is now a policy vacuum.

The report examines the current market in energy efficiency measures and decentralised renewable technologies, the possible reasons for the Green Deal’s failure, and concludes with a series of recommendations for stimulating the market, including a new home energy improvement scheme in the “able to pay sector”.

See the full report at Better Homes – Incentivising Home Energy Improvements