ICE’s recommendations on building energy efficiency and infrastructure priorities (October 2016)

iceThe Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) published a National Needs Assessment (NNA) on 19 October 2016.

The NNA “brought together a coalition including industry, investors, environmental, legal and professional bodies, and politicians and opinion formers to deliver a 35 year view of the changing demands on infrastructure services.” The NNA finds that the energy, transport and digital sectors will “have the greatest impact on people’s lives in 2050 and steps need to be taken now to address challenges.”

On energy efficiency the report recommends that “Government and Ofgem should take a more proactive role in enabling a smarter energy system as a way to reduce the need for major new power projects and thereby reduce costs for consumers. The Government should establish a clear policy for reduction of energy demand in households and businesses and introduce consistent schemes to enable these reductions.”

Read the full report at National Needs Assessment – A Vision for UK Infrastructure