UK-GBC – Health and Wellbeing in Homes report (Published July 2016)

UKGBC Health HomesThe UK-GBC and partners published a major report on the 5 July 2016 which examines the links between good building design and the health and wellbeing of the people living there.

The authors say “This report is about beginning a concerted effort to shift the market towards a focus on the mental, social and physical health and wellbeing of the people who occupy the homes we build and retrofit.”

The report focuses on what “built environment professionals can influence through the design, construction, management and refurbishment of homes.” It promotes a positive approach, highlighting how a range of factors including good levels of daylight, indoor air quality, thermal comfort, noise reduction, layout, and space etc. can enhance wellbeing.

The report also includes the results of an online survey carried out by Research Now on behalf of Saint-Gobain during May 2016. Just over 3000 UK homeowners and renters answered questions on health and wellbeing in the home. When people were asked to select features of their ideal home, in order to reveal ‘relative importance’, safety and security topped the list.

See the full report at: Health and Wellbeing in Homes