Share of renewables in electricity mix (published August 2014)

Numbers‘Over the last three years, the share of renewables in the electricity mix has been rising consistently. In 2012 it reached a share of 11.1% in the electricity supplied. Generation from renewable sources is dominated by wind energy and biomass, reaching a share of 70% in the overall generation of renewable electricity.’

Additional information – Quote from research for DECC representing the UK’s contribution to IEA Heat Pump Programme Annex 42: Heat Pumps in Smart Grids. ‘The project aims to analyse the potential for heat pumps to shift electricity demand to help meet the balancing challenge of the national electricity grid as well as the local distribution network.’

Source: DECC, IEA HPP Annex 42 Heat Pumps in Smart Grids – Market Overview UK, 7 August 2014