We cover new, interesting and useful studies on energy efficiency in the UK, as well as developments in energy efficiency policy.

Our sources include government departments, agencies, professional bodies, trade associations, think tanks, charities, housing providers and academic institutions.

Although we try not to be too prescriptive in what we do and don’t cover, you can expect to see posts on:

  • Energy efficiency in new and existing buildings
  • Energy efficiency in domestic and non-domestic buildings
  • Fabric energy efficiency
  • Energy efficient building services
  • On-site (or decentralised) low and zero carbon energy generation technologies
  • Smart meters and controls
  • Government consultations, research and policy papers.

We do NOT cover:

  • FOI requests
  • Large-scale renewables
  • Energy efficiency of appliances
  • General information on climate change

Please note that a number of government departments remove certain statistical releases from their websites as they go out-of-date, meaning Energy Bytes cannot ‘store’ this historical information. We aim to remove the links to these ‘old’ statistics as quickly as possible.