HMT Consultation – Reforming the business energy efficiency tax landscape (Published 28 September 2015)

EETaxHM Treasury published a consultation document on 28 September 2015 intended to begin a review of the business energy efficiency tax landscape.

The deadline for responses is 9 November 2015.

The review covers “the Climate Change Levy, the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme, taxes on other fuels – e.g. heating oils, Climate Change Agreements, mandatory greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting, the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme, Enhanced Capital Allowances and the Electricity Demand Reduction pilot.”

The paper acknowledges that ”there is a significant amount of cost-effective energy and carbon saving potential not currently being realised in business sectors” but states “a number of stakeholders argue that the current suite of overlapping policies is complex and administratively burdensome, limiting the effectiveness of policy levers.”

The government envisages “a simplified landscape that minimises overlap so that a single business or organisation faces one tax and one reporting scheme.”

Source: HMT, Reforming the business energy efficiency tax landscape