House of Commons – Oral evidence on the CCC’s 2015 progress report (Published 15 September 2015)

HoCEvidenceThe House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee published on 15 September 2015 the transcript of evidence given by the Committee on Climate Change on their latest progress report to Parliament.

Dr Alan Whitehead asked “In the documents relating to the fourth carbon budget you have specifically drawn attention to, say, progress on insulating homes and providing programmes for energy efficiency, solid wall insulation and various other things such as that you made an estimate…of the extent to which that programme should have been completed—2 million homes I think it was—by the early 2020s.

We know from the [possible] ending of ECO 2017, and what rolls on in terms of new homes, the end of the zero carbon homes programme that that is very likely to be almost laughably—not the right word—missed over the next period, and it would require some pretty extensive new policy commitments to get that back on track I guess. Do you have a view then on over what sort of period new policy commitments need to come in?.”

Lord Deben’s reply can be found at Page 11 of the report, and his views on what comes after the Green Deal, on page 27.

Source: House of Commons, Oral evidence: Committee on Climate Change 2015 Progress Report to Parliament