EI – Energy Barometer 2016 (Published June 2016)

Energy barometer (2)The Energy Institute published their Energy Barometer, Views from UK energy professionals report on 15 June 2016.

The report reflects the views of 438 members of the Energy Institute on the “future challenges and prospects for the energy industry”.

The Institute’s members flagged the lack of energy policy continuity as the biggest challenge facing the industry, with the Government’s energy policy “reset” in November 2015 having yet to “reset confidence” among energy sector professionals. Low oil prices are also flagged as being of significant concern, “stifling growth in the low carbon economy and reducing the imperative for energy efficiency”, and ultimately threatening  climate change goals. The report highlights that, in terms of driving progress, energy efficiency has the “greatest scope for improvement within the built environment, specifically through retrofitting the building fabric”.

The project team also took the opportunity to ask their members about the potential effects on the energy sector if the UK were to leave the European Union. An “overwhelming majority of contributors to the Barometer foresee negative effects on the UK energy system” if this were to happen. Negative impacts were anticipated on “securing energy supplies, renewable energy development, climate change and sustainability, and air quality”.

The full report describes the top ten challenges for the sector identified by the survey.

Source: Energy Institute, Energy Barometer 2016, Views from UK energy professionals