CCC’s Advice on the Design of Welsh Carbon Targets (April 2017)

CCC walesThe Committee on Climate Change (CCC) published a paper on 13 April 2017 providing independent advice to the Welsh Government on the design of their carbon targets.

The Welsh Government has enacted legislation requiring that, before the end of 2018, they set in regulation interim emissions targets to 2040, and carbon budgets to 2025.

The CCC’s report provides advice on the form of future emissions reduction targets and the accounting framework. A second report, due in October 2017, will cover the level of ambition for future carbon targets and specific opportunities to decarbonise.

Key points in the report relevant to energy performance in buildings include:

  • “In 2014, the level of emissions in Wales was around 18% below 1990. That, however, compares to around a 36% reduction across the UK as a whole. We [the CCC] will therefore need to look carefully at where the opportunities are to go further.”
  • “Wales accounts for 9% of UK-wide emissions, but only around 5% of UK population.”
  • “We recommend that all targets…are expressed relative to 1990 emission levels (i.e. as percentage reductions), rather than on an absolute (i.e. megatonne) basis.”
  • “Direct emissions from buildings are down 32% on 1990 levels. The Welsh Government’s Arbed and Nest schemes have been successful in delivering energy efficiency measures to over 45,000 households.”
  • “While the EU ETS provides an incentive to undertake some incremental improvements in energy efficiency it looks unlikely to drive the more significant measures that will be required.”