CCC – Quantifying Greenhouse Gas Emissions (April 2016)

Quant GHGThe Committee on Climate Change (CCC) published a report on 11 April 2017 which looks at how the UK’s GHG inventory is constructed, sources of uncertainty, how these could change over time, and priorities for improving the inventory. The focus is on what the findings imply for setting carbon budgets and monitoring progress.

Each year the inventory is compiled according to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) guidelines. The report examines the emissions from all key sectors, including buildings, reiterating the key assumption that by 2050, “nearly full decarbonisation” of power, transport and buildings will be needed.

Key findings for 2014 include:

♦ “Uncertainty in buildings emissions was 3.4% in 2014. This is slightly higher than economy-wide CO2 uncertainty” (which was +/- 3% with 95% confidence, which is low by international standards.”

♦ “Fossil fuel emissions from buildings comprise 16% of all UK GHG emissions in 2014.”

♦ “CO2 emissions are mainly from burning gas for space heating and are split between homes (75%), commercial buildings (15%) and public sector (10%).”

♦ “Buildings emissions reduced by 1% on average between 2009 and 2014 (temperature adjusted). Progress has been particularly poor for commercial and public sector buildings.”

♦ “The gap between modelled impacts of energy efficiency measures in this sector and actual emissions continues to make it difficult to effectively monitor progress. Better statistics in this area would facilitate this.”

* This is a summary. Always check and reference the primary source when using the information.