CBI – Overcoming the Hassle Factor (February 2016)

CBIThe CBI published a short report on 5 February 2016 setting out advice on how to overcome the so called ”hassle factor” sometimes associated with retrofitting homes. This would allow more consumers to take advantage of the energy efficiency opportunity.

The report notes that disruption in the home, or the
time and effort it takes to find accurate information or appropriate finance can create barriers to uptake.

A key message in the report is that government and industry frameworks should encourage “households to consider energy efficiency at timely trigger points and provide consumers with accurate information and access to finance, at the right time.”

The CBI highlights that “According to the Office for National Statistics, spending on home alterations and improvements was £24.00 per week in 2014, compared with £17.70 in 2013. At a time where the Repairs, Maintenance and Improvements (RMI) market is accelerating, this is an important trigger point to help consumers engage in the energy efficiency agenda and that should not be overlooked.”

Source: CBI, Overcoming the Hassle Factor