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Wales Office urges Welsh Government to abandon the ‘Conservatory Tax’ (June 2014)

NewsDavid Jones MP, Secretary of State for Wales, gave a speech at the annual Welsh Local Government Association conference on 19 June 2014, and urged the Welsh Government to abandon plans to implement the so-called ‘Conservatory Tax’.

Mr Jones said: ‘This [policy] will require Welsh homeowners to carry out extra work to the rest of their property when, for example, they add a conservatory, an extension or convert a loft into living space. This is a measure that we considered, but rejected, in England…I urge the Welsh Government to abandon it.’

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Souce: Wales Office, Speech by the Secretary of State for Wales to the annual Welsh Local Government Association conference, 19 June 2014

Statement on EU Energy Council (June 2014)

NewsEd Davey gave a Written Ministerial Statement on 12 June 2014 about the upcoming Energy Council in Luxembourg (on 13 June 2014).

Mr Davey noted that ‘In the afternoon session of the Energy Council, Ministers will adopt conclusions on energy prices, competitiveness and vulnerable consumers. The conclusions cover the key policies and structures required to moderate energy prices (e.g. a well-functioning internal energy market, Member State policies to assist vulnerable consumers, enhanced energy efficiency, supply diversification, and measures to address carbon leakage). The UK is content with the conclusions, which reflect our position.’

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Source: DECC, Statement on EU Energy Council June 2014, 12 June 2014

Greg Barker’s speech at the Renewable Energy Awards (June 2014)

NewsGreg Barker gave a speech at Renewable Energy Awards on 12 June 2014, during which he highlighted the increase in solar PV deployment in the last four years.

Mr Barker said ‘We have seen a stunning fall in the costs of solar PV, in my time as Minister. Down by over 60% in the last three years. And during my time as Minister, what a change we’ve seen in the deployment of solar! From a very small start in 2010, over a million people now go to sleep at night with a solar panel on their roof, which bursts into action as soon as the sun rises. Over half a million solar installations are now in place, many other exciting distributed energy technologies are being delivered at real scale.’

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Source: DECC, Renewable Energy Awards, published 13 June 2014

Ed Davey’s speech at the Economist Energy Summit (June 2014)

NewsEd Davey, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, highlighted the importance of energy efficiency for UK energy security at the Economist Energy Summit on 10 June 2014.

Mr Davey said: ‘The UK’s own oil and gas reserves in the North Sea are declining; and the UK is increasingly dependent on imports – more at the mercy of price pressure and volatility in global markets. That energy security challenge is one more reason for going green – for maximising energy efficiency and low carbon generation in the UK.’

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Source: DECC, UK Energy Security: Active Government, Smart Intervention, 10 June 2014

Announcement on the Infrastructure Bill (June 2014)

NewsThe Department for Transport published (on behalf of the Government) information on new legislation designed to ‘encourage investment in Britain’s infrastructure’ on 5 June 2014.

Amongst a range of provisions [which we reported on yesterday], the ‘legislation will…give local people the right to buy a stake in renewable energy projects.’

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Source: DfT, New legislation to boost infrastructure, 5 June 2014