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Renewables share of electricity generation (published February 2015)

Numbers“Renewables’ share of electricity generation was 17.8 per cent in 2014 Q3, an increase of 4.2 percentage points on a year earlier, reflecting increased capacity and generation. This was 1.7 percentage points less than the record share set in 2014 Q1.”

Additional information – This information was taken from Section 6 of the latest edition of DECC’s ‘Energy trends’ publication.

Source: DECC, Renewables Energy Trends, 9 February 2015

Build your strategic foresight skills (July 2014)

NewsThe School of International Futures (SOIF) is holding a five-day retreat beginning on 11 August at Wilton Park (West Sussex). The programme includes high-profile speakers from around the world and is a fantastic opportunity to learn futures and foresight techniques from experts. Click the link below for more details or to book a place. Anyone quoting Energy Bytes qualifies for a discounted rate.

Additional information – ‘By attending the retreat, participants learn a systematic approach to understanding global challenges and how their organisation can confront or address them. By hosting these events SOIF has built up a network of users and commissioners of strategic foresight constituting a valuable resource for those looking to apply their new insights when on their return to the office.’

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Energy Company Obligation cost data FOI response (June 2014)

NewsDECC published a response to a Freedom of Information (FOI) Response they received asking about ECO costs on the 25 June 2014.

The FOI request asked for information at an aggregated and individual energy company level on the following points:
‘1. The total amount spent by energy companies on delivery costs of the Energy Company Obligation.
2. The total amount spent by energy companies on administrative costs of the Energy Company Obligation.
3. The total amount collected from customer bills by energy companies for the Energy Company Obligation.
4. The percentage of ECO targets achieved by energy companies, minus any multipliers, uplift or rolled-over credits from previous schemes.’

Click here to see the Government’s response

Source: DECC, Energy Company Obligation cost data, 25 June 2014

Greg Barker’s Speech: Making Contracts for Difference work for solar (June 2014)

NewsGreg Barker gave a speech on ‘Making Contracts for Difference (CfD) work for solar’ on 25 June, during which he highlighted the increase in solar PV deployment in the last four years as well as outlining the transition from Renewables Obligation (RO) to CfD.

Mr Barker said: ‘First, we are determined to super-charge the mid-size roof-mounted sector. This is why we are consulting to split the FiTs degression band for projects over 50kW into two: one for standalone, one for non-standalone. With different capacity triggers for each. Second, we are not planning to change any RO support for anything other than the larger projects. The consultation proposals apply just to projects above 5MW. Third, we want to protect projects which have made a significant financial commitment. That is why we have proposed a grace period.’

Click here to read the speech in full

Source: DECC, Making Contracts for Difference work for solar, 25 June 2014

Future changes to Energy Consumption in the UK (June 2014)

NewsDECC have published ‘plans to reshape and refocus the information contained within the Energy Consumption in the UK release over the coming two years to reflect the changes in the availability of information and the associated used of energy data’ on 25 June 2014.

Click here to read about the future plans and publication dates for each table during 2014 in full

Source: DECC, Future changes to Energy Consumption in the UK, 25 June 2014