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Housing Executive – Energy Efficiency Good Practice Guide (Published 4 November 2015)

NI eeThe Housing Executive in Northern Ireland published an Energy Efficiency Good Practice Guide for the residential sector on 4 November 2015.

The Guide is intended to “better inform and influence key decision makers within both the public and private sector housing providers.”

One of the key recommendations is to adopt a fabric first approach and that “an objective of energy efficiency is to get the most out of the fuel used within the dwelling and to keep that heat where it is needed for as long as possible. This requires a whole upgrade of the thermal envelope of the dwelling rather than the piecemeal approaches of the past which looked separately, at different stages, at wall insulation, loft insulation, windows, external doors and heating.”

The Housing Executive also notes progress on energy efficiency targets in Northern Ireland through the House Condition Survey (HCS). They state that the “last major HCS was carried out in 2011 and recorded a 22.5% improvement in the energy efficiency of the occupied housing stock between 1996 and 2011″. However, the document also emphasises that fuel poverty remains a major issue, with 42% of households in Northern Ireland recorded as fuel poor in 2011.

The guidance includes lots of advice, case studies and information on energy efficiency and the benefits that a range of measures can provide.

Source: Housing Executive (NI), Energy Efficiency Good Practice Guide